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The First Note


No more gambling with your piano purchase, shopping online with Craigslist, LetGo, OfferUp, etc. Our technicians have seen hundreds of these horrifying learning experiences. Worst of these are the notorious “great deals” or “bargains” that all sound too good to be true, and they all seem to follow the same script: ”FREE PIANO....must move yourself”. (Oh. My. Goodness.)


Dear friends, please....PLEASE.......P L E A S E ! ! !


This is a trap:



-"you move it, it's yours"

-"need it gone, ASAP"

-"come get it out of my basement or garage and you can have it" type deals

We have had to deliver the bad news to WAY too many of our friends about what these piano "deals" could potentially cost.

1. HEALTH - piano moving is extremely dangerous!

2. EXPENSE—what if it is junk? Suddenly, the "FREE" part is not ringing very true.

3. Have fun gambling at casinos, but not on a 400-900lb. intricately designed instrument that you and its owner know nothing to very little about.


PLEASE talk with us about owning one of our guaranteed serviceable used pianos! We stand behind every instrument we sell, and we will be happy to help you avoid this losing gamble.

We’d love to hear from you!

1323 W 13th St, 3rd Floor| Kansas City, MO | 64102 |

Steve: 816-699-6332